Rail Car Body

Nose Cone

Nose Cone scope of work is employed in semi-high speed land vehicles such as demu, memu, etc., The important factors of a running train such as the aerodynamic drag, train crossing performance, the lift, and the noise must be considered when designing the head shapes. Thus airflow plays key role in manufacturing perfect design, supply and installation of nose cone.

For the metro nose cone, we also offer cab doors and emergency doors with the ramp/ladder.

Sidewall, endwall and roof

We build a variety of rail car bodies with appropriate structural dimensions and designs. The in-house fabricated parts of the rail car body are collectively brought together in the precise jigs and fixtures to ensure the tolerance level. The welding parameters of our rail car bodies meet the terms of EN 15085- CL 1.

Under Frame

Airflow makes sure that the headstock, tailstock, modular frame, sole bars, runners, body bolsters and transoms are integrated in the under frame fixture to guarantee dimensional accuracy.