Rail Interior

Rail interior

Our prime focus is to provide Safety, User-friendly and Comfort for a passenger during their travel. Passenger expectation and satisfaction in the Smartphone era is habitually high. Train travel should be fun and enjoyable, with enforced safety. Be it a door or a seat, the interior equipments we offer has been fitted after it has undergone rigorous tests and inspections with a comprehensive checklist.

We equip our rail interiors with the following furunishings

  • Doors
    • Body side manual doors
    • Body side automatic sliding doors
    • Manual inter communication doors
    • Automatic inter communication doors
    • Vestibule doors
  • Windows
    • Double glazed sealed windows for ac coaches
    • Aluminium shutter type windows
    • Lavatory windows
    • Driver cab look out windows
  • Floorings
  • Extruded aluminium luggage racks with reading lights and call bell system
  • Air-conditioning insulated ducts
  • HT cyclonic air filters
  • Tubular partitions / honeycomb partitions
  • Grab rails and hand holds
  • Seats
    • Polycarbonate seats
    • Cushioned bench seats
    • Bucket seats
    • Stainless steel bench seats
    • Rotatable cushioned seats with plug in sockets
  • SS modular lavatories with pneumatic pressurized flushing systems
  • Interior LED lights

Indian Railways is one of the most valued and major customer along with other new entrants in the field Branded as the most dependable equipment suppliers of Indian Railways. We also are Proud to admit that AirFlow is the First Indian Company to obtain the metro train door panel’s project including air-conditioner EMU Interior designer for Indian rail transporters.

Our prime focus is to provide, Safety, User-friendly and Comfort for a passenger during their travel. Passenger expectation and satisfaction in the Smartphone era is habitually high. Train travel should be fun and enjoyable, but not at the cost of safety. Be it a door or a seat, the interior equipment we offer has been fitted after undergone rigorous tests and inspection with a comprehensive checklist we have always fulfilled the s satisfactory level.

Our in-house designers have top-notch skills in bringing up the exact design with the exact material that the client always dreamed for.

Designing for INDIAN Railway’s coaches interiors are not as simple as decorating a living room or workspace, but, requires immense intellectual skills & experience to attain it. Each passenger has different physic. It takes intelligence to meet such passenger requirement. Since the age of steam, the craze of travelling on railroads has never gone down, but passenger expectations are increasing much fold. The challenging part is to meet client’s requirement has swelled and has been volatile. The components we manufacture and supply are user-friendly and durable to last over a decade.

Door Control Panel

  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Brushed or Painted Finish
  • Hinged or Sliding Configuration
  • Nosing and Trailing Seals to Transit SFT Standards
  • Safety Glass
  • Optional Passenger Push Buttons or Push Plates

Extruded Luggage Rack

Luggage rack with toughened glass, aluminium front, rear and bottom extrusions, with steel end plates. Toughened glass is provided at the bottom, and rubber fixing arrangement for fixing the geometry, they have enough strong,not only holding of parcel, they have withstand the forces excreted by any passengers who use the edge of the parcel racks as their hand rails,when travelling standing also.

This rack design and fastening of luaggage rack is done,to withstand static line loads of 1000N/m and lumped load of 850 N/m without leading to any deformation or damages.

HT Cyclonic Air filter

Air Intake Filter in this specification denotes the complete, ready-to-use unit consisting of a aluminium frame including the special aluminium profiles.

Air filter is the mechanical member that restricts the water ingress and dust inside the coach and provides the airflow according to design criteria or requirement mentioned in the TRD.

The advantages are:

  • Low energy requirements due to low pressure drop
  • Low acoustic pressure level (~ 2 Db)
  • Maintenance free/ low maintenance even at extreme loading.
  • Low weight due to the use of aluminium profiles
  • Vibration free
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating.
  • Life span for Filter arrangement realiability for 30 years

Air filter is designed in such a way by considering the train test speed of max 120 kmph and service speed of max 110 kmph .Air filter will be of washable type without any disposable medium. Air Filter is installed at on the front End wall of the motor coaches. To avoid the water ingress in to the filter through the interface of frame and End wall, Special rubber gasket (EPDM) is bonded over the plane of the frame which acts as a sealant. It is then bolted with the prescribed bolts all over the frame considering the suitable max torque to ensure that there is no vibration once it is fixed onto the coach.


Stainless steel doorway tubular partitions (SS 304 grade) with honeycomb generally as per respective coach layouts FRP partition for each region with glass arrangement and stainless tube arrangement for hand hold.

Hand Hold

stainless tube arrangement for hand hold. Hand hold and handrail arrangement for passengers made of SS 304, holder with vertical, and horizontal tubes, T connector and adaptor castings, with screws.

Cushioned Seat

Two Seat and three seat Cushioned. It contains hand rest, snacks table for the person sitting on the next seat.

Rotatable type cushioned Seats

Two Seat Cushioned seat, with rotatable arrangement. During the travel of train in opposite directions, seat can be rotated and used. It contains hand rest, snacks table and foot rest at the rear side, for the person sitting on the next seat, adjustable arrangement to rotate the seat up to 24.5°.


  • Life cycle is better
  • High stability of SS joints and fittings
  • Better hygiene with easily cleanable structure
  • High sfire redundant capability
  • Maintainability easy
  • Durability High
  • Rigidity High
  • Flexiable to any changes
  • Easy recyclable


Rail Car Body

Kolkatta Metro Nose Cone scope of work is included design, supply and installation also, Once sufficient parts have been manufactured separately, they are brought together for assembly in a jig.


Design of FRP modular toilets with complete fittings is done by us, FRP toilet module material made is “Polyester resin ” base with glass fibre reinforcement.