We are equipped in developing our own FRP molds and dyes in order to manufacture customer imaged FRP models.

Rail segment

  • Side wall panels
  • Roofs
  • End wall panels
  • FRP seats
  • Driver cab interior panels for metros
  • FRP lavatories with vacuum pressurized system

Non-rail segment

  • Wind turbine nacelle covers

FRP Modular Toilet

Design of FRP modular toilets with complete fittings is done by us, FRP toilet module material made is "Polyester resin " base with glass fibre reinforcement.

  • Toilet flooring also made of FRP
  • Lavatory windows is made of louver type
  • Exhaust fan is provided in the toilets
  • One type of western type toilet is made of stainless steel to SS 316 grade of materials

Nacelle for Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Nacelle Cover

Nacelle is a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in Wind Turbine, including the Generator, Gearbox, Drive train, and brake assembly.

The Nacelle cover is made of Fiberglass Reinforced with Polyester Resin. The Cover is equipped with Electrical connections including tube lights and smoke detectors, fireproofing insulations, Safety hangers and required mechanical support structures to fit the Base frame structure of Wind Turbine Generator.

Airflow Supplies Nacelle cover for 2.1 Mega Watts wind turbine.

Rail Car Body

Kolkatta Metro Nose Cone scope of work is included design, supply and installation also, Once sufficient parts have been manufactured separately, they are brought together for assembly in a jig.

Rail Interior

Indian Railways is one of the most valued and major customer along with other new entrants in the field Branded as the most dependable equipment suppliers of Indian Railways.